Arsen Mirzoyan – February 7, 2023

This young man had a lot going on in his life. While attending college, he played “KVN” (student’s amateur sport comedy competition), and then had a full time job on the legendary “Zaporozhstal”. He played with а band, wrote beautiful songs and performed them…

But his life made a sharp turn 13 years ago..
He walked onto the stage of a famous TV talent show “The Voice” and millions of Ukrainians fell in love with his voice.
He was really good. So good, that he took the liberty to perform an orginal song that almost nobody has heard before, and the audience loved it! He made it all the way to the final.

But that was just the beginning. Sold out clubs, concert halls and sports arenas followed. There were thousands of performances, with news songs written, and full albums published.

When Russian aggressors attacked Ukraine in 2014, Arsen could not stand on the side.
He traveled to the Donbass region, performed for the Ukrainian warriors, and donated thousands of dollars to cover their needs.

In 2020 Arsen Mirzoyan was awarded the “Honored Artist of Ukraine” title (Заслужений артист України).

In 2022, when the dark day of February 24th came, Arsen did not have any doubts about the course of action needed. With an automatic rifle in his hands he took his place among the Territorial Defence volunteers, a few days after the invasion.

When hordes of aggressors were finally pushed out and away from the Ukrainian capital, Arsen joined a group of volonteers, transporting vehicles to aid the Ukrainian Military.

He spent thousands of hours behind the wheel, hundreds of hours in lines to cross the borders, and personally delivered nearly one hundred vehicles to the front lines.

He didn’t just deliver trucks and ambulances – Arsen had spent his personal funds, thousands of dollars, to purchase and fill those vehicles with countless critical items desperately needed by Ukraine’s armed forces.

Every time he traveled to the front lines, he spent his time with the soldiers. They were always happy to see him. And always happy to hear his songs. There are many stories, hopefully to be told one day…

Once, after making a delivery to Bakhmut, he ended up hiding for hours in the ruined building’s basement, because of the enemy’s heavy artillery fire.

When occupiers were pushed out of Kherson, Arsen happenned to be near by, so he grabbed his guitar and entered the liberated city with the first vanguard troops of the Ukrainan military.

He played a spontaneous concert at the Kherson’s square that day, that will be remembered by many locals as a symbol of freedom from Russian occupiers.

In 2022 Arsen Mirzoyan was awarded the “Order of Merit, 3rd class” for his active position and outstanding achievements.

I would like to invite you to Arsen Mirzoyan’s first concert in NYC, on February 7th, 2024. Please, find the time…

All the proceedings will go towards needs of Ukrainian defenders.